Welcome to Acupuncture of San Francisco Serving the Financial District with cutting-edge Integrative Medical Care Specializations in Orthopedics, Stress and Creating Personal Vitality! Acupuncture, Postural Exercises, Bodywork, Nutrition, Lab Testing + Full Service Insurance Billing: Aetna, Anthem, Blue Shield, Cigna +++ Let Us Support Your Path to Better Health Today!

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Acupuncture of San Francisco's approach to physical injuries is highly informed by our advanced certification in Sports Medicine Acupuncture®. We cohesively use a 4 Step Approach to not just treat acupuncture points, but to also evaluate and treat specific anatomical structures and the exact site of injury and pain.

Step 1: Orthopedic, Manual Muscle Tests and Postural Analysis for accurate diagnosis.

Step 2: Innovative acupuncture techniques whose anatomical accuracy accelerates healing time.

Step 3: Myofascial therapies to increase function and support postural integrity.

Step 4: Simple exercise prescriptions and lifestyle adjustments to balance the body.

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In the heart of the Financial District, Acupuncture of San Francisco provides.

1. Cutting-edge Integrative Acupuncture Care

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Jeffrey Szilagyi L.Ac. C.SMA

Medical Provider-Wellness Trainer

Integrative care

Providing an integrated tradition of Chinese Medicine and complimentary approaches to healing, Jeffrey has been giving remedy and care to his patients for more than twenty-years. His clinical skills and vision for health are providing leadership and needed change in our approach to health.

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